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Name:Hayden Newton
Birthdate:Feb 10
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ dream like new york

Hayden Joseph Newton grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and was the youngest of three children and the only boy. His father is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Hayden always thought his dad being a Mountie was one of the coolest things in the world. His mom was a stay-at-home mom until Hayden was in sixth grade and then returned to work as sonographer. They're still together to this day and even though they're empty-nesters now, they're proud of everything their three children have achieved.

Hayden was extensively sporty from as soon as he could walk. Once he got to school, he wanted to do all the sports his time could allow and by the time he was well into his high school career, he was Quarterback and head of the basketball team. He has always been a gym junkie, and loves the adrenaline rush of working out. It was what led to his career goal of a Personal Trainer, and ultimately coming to own his own gym in New York City. However, New York wasn't a place he would have ever ended up if it wasn't for his boyfriend, Anthony Ford... welll, one of his boyfriends.

Since high school, he hooked up with his two best friends, Anthony and Lee McKenna, for threesomes and it just so happened the connection they felt there was more than just some random fucks. They had been best friends since the start of high school, and bonded over the fact their parents were in the Mounted Police together. It wasn't the norm, and they knew that. Initially school and aiming big for careers got in the way and they just continued to hang out sleep together without really talking out what was going on. Anthony, who was seriously into IT, scored a spot in an IT Engineering degree in New York City. Because the boys had been inseparable for years now, Hayden and Lee decided to go with him because it would open their own career prospects up even more. Out of a couple of offers Lee got for college, he accepted an Interior Design course in New York, and Hayden could study for his qualifications in Personal Training anywhere.

It was hard to move away from Canada, because they all loved their home, but it was a whole new beginning in New York and they found themselves then ready to face what it was they had going. None of them could fathom two of them dating and leaving the other one out. In addition, they couldn't fathom them dating someone else either, because the jealousy would be rife. Instead, they just came to the conclusion that they wanted to be in a relationship as a threesome, and that was that. It works for them and it's just become their normal. They do know it's open for a lot of disdainful judgement, but they don't care. The only time they seriously wondered if they should stop it was when Hayden's uncle, a stereotypical homophobe, got drunk on night when Hayden had gone back home for his father's birthday party. He was loud and rude, and threw hateful slurs about Hayden being gay and 'fucking two other faggots' in front of everyone at the party. Hayden left, fighting off tears of embarrassment, and at the time, he didn't know his parents through the uncle out too. He followed Hayden who was walking home and beat the living shit out of him.

After the mortifying blow-up where his father had told the uncle to get the fuck out and wasn't welcome in the family anymore, Hayden's eldest sister, Emily, got in her car to find Hayden to make sure he was okay. She found the uncle kicking into him on the side of the road and she called 911. Hayden had a three week stay in hospital recovering, and the uncle ended up with a long prison sentence for assault. It shook Hayden a lot and he nearly got cold feet on his relationship with Lee and Anthony. But when they were there unconditionally for him through the whole thing, and still there for him in the wake of his recuperation, he knew he didn't give a fuck who didn't like what they had going on.

They're now all very successful in their chosen careers, and Hayden owns a boutique, exclusive gym with a high class clientèle who come there because they know his service affords them the privacy a lot of them need. He's a Personal Trainer, and has a some celebrities on his books who need to work hard to maintain their public persona. He loves both Anthony and Lee with his whole heart, and can't see their union changing any time in the future. They know they'll never be able to get married, but none of them have ever desired it either. For now, they're content and proud of the fact Anthony helped out a couple of his lesbian friends in being a sperm donor for them to have a child. They had a baby girl, and the boys have regular visits with them in their modern day experience of '3 Men and a Baby'.

Hayden exists for musebox/PSL, ♥ dreamlikenewyork.
He is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Drew Van Acker.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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